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Our services


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The Kitchen

I cook fresh and homemade products passionately for depending on your taste. If you want to organize a breakfast full of flavors, a delicious lunch, a cocktail party or dinner. If you are a couple, a family, with some friends, a small group (up to 12 people) or you want to organize a special event for up to 60 persons. I offer menus adapted to your choice and budget. If you want your complete privacy, we can set up your table, prepare your meal and clear up the next day.

Wine side

Are you traditional in your choice or adventures? Either choose your own list of wine, champagnes or spirits or let Audrey choose for you a selection that will subtly accompany each of the dishes cooked by Benjamin. Th choice is yours.

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Table de déjeuner


We want to create a memorable experience that will remain unforgettable for you and your guests. Whatever you desire we can create a very different style of event with music, flowers or and with the creation a special theme "sur mesure".

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