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BATCH COOKING - A culinary revolution

Batch Cooking

A culinary revolution !

If you haven’t yet heard of Equilibre & Us Batch cooking you are missing out! Batch cooking is a new and innovative type of meal preparation which involves cooking in batches. In fact, usually once for the entire week! The entire cooking session usually takes a couple of hours and the job is done. Batch cooking can be enjoyed by families with children, couples as well as those living alone. Batch cooking saves time, energy, reduces CO2 and is cost efficient, need I go on….

Equilibre & Us Batch cooking is a great way to obtain and maintain a healthy body weight. The meals are carfefully planned for optimal balance and nutrition, not to mention exquisite taste.

Benjamin’s Equilibre & Us Batch cooking is one of a kind. He is a father, loving husband and a renowned French chef, with experiences ranging from Paris to New York. Benjamin’s Equilibre & us Batch cooking brings you the best of both French and International cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen.

During the session you are guided and supported live through the entire session. His team members Taig (sports coach) and Sarah Duhon (nutritional counsellor and coach) assist him in keeping healthy nutritional goals as well as finding innovative and fun ways to integrate vegan and gluten free requirements.

Benjamin hosts live and interactive Batch cooking sessions via zoom every other Sunday from 10-12 am, priced at 20 euros a session.

Co-writing with Sarah Duhon - Nutritional Counselor (

Support to Taig Fit (

and Benjamin Bourasseau (

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